Dweorg [Duh-wor-guh, or, Duh-wurr-guh] [plural, Duh-where-oh]

‘Remember the Dead! Fight for the Living!’ – Shield Hold war cry

Deep down beneath the Shield Mountains, great forges work night and day, day and night crafting the tools of war. The terrible, unending ring of hammers the prayers on snarling forge altars spewing forth molten metal hymns of absent gods. Soot stained and stoop shouldered bodies toil ceaselessly to gird their legions for the final battle; for this is the end of all days. The horizon darkens and the Dwerrow will be ready to meet it.

Far to the south mighty fleets convey the great Free Companies across the world to ply their trade. Blood for gold. The creed of the sell sword. To the highest bidder go the greatest soldiers in the known world and worth every penny. Kingdoms are won and lost and the great game goes on and to the victor goes the spoils. Spoils the League of Ten Thousand always collect.

Shield Hold Dwerrow have a matriarchal oligarchy based around their various city-states. League Dwerrow utilize a matriarchal plutocracy. Both societies based on the nearly four-to-one male to female birth rate also frequently practice polyandry though polygyny is not and is frowned upon if not outlawed.


The Dwerrow stand barely up to the shoulder of most adult humans. Shoulders rounded and backs stooped form years of glad labour. Shieldholders possess skin tones ranging from ivory to walnut though most are weathered from constant exposure to their forges. Dvergr tend towards lighter tones though it can be hard to tell from the layers of soot the seem to aquire. Leaguers almost all bear the same tones but darker and tanned complexions from their sunny and warm climates.

Compared to humans they bear exaggerated features: their noses and ears are larger, brows heavier, eyes are smaller. But all also have comparatively larger muscle mass as well from years devoted to their crafts.

Thick facial hair is the norm for most males; full beards for the Shieldlanders while Dwerrow of the League shave their beards and instead sport great mustaches of equal girth. Both societies take great enjoyment and spend large amounts of time crafting elaborate stylings for both. For males, a fine beard or mustache is a sign of status and the length is directly tied to their social strata. Female Dwerrow of both societies place as much, if not more pride in their hair. To be shaved bald is a physcal sign of criminal behavior, a physical sign of great shame as it takes much longer for Dwerrow hair growth than Human.

Common Traits

  • Ability Increase: Con +2
  • Age: Dweorg mature at the same rate as humans but live to be into their 3-400s.
  • Size: stand typically between 120 and 167 cm (4- 5 ft 6 inches) and weigh in around 70 – 127 kg (160 – 280 lbs), with no real difference between male and female Dwerrow. Dvergr tend to stand between 121 and 160 cm (4 and 5 ft 2 inches) towards 59 – 95 kg (13- 210 lbs) in weight.
  • Alignment: Dwerrow are given to organized behavious and civilized work ethic, by their nature pursuing lawful and good ( if seeming a little grumpy) alignments. Dvergr on the other hand tend towards dour temperments leaning more towards neutral rather than good and sometimes evil while still being being lawful.
  • Speed: 8m/25 feet, not reduced by armor
  • Darkvision: 60ft
  • Dwarven Resilience: Advantage on saves vs. poison and magic.
  • Tool Proficiency: You gain proficiency with the artisan’s tools of your choice: jeweller’s tools, mason’s tools, miner’s tools, brewer’s tools or smith’s tools. You Gain Expertise for and add both your Intelligence and Wisdom to crafting one specific type of thing (such as armor, weapons, furniture, bridges, ale, etc.) of your choice.
  • Stonecunning: Gain Expertise on History checks to identify the origin or purpose of stonework.
  • Dwerrow Combat Training: Proficient with hammers, axes, and picks, and any weapon with “Dwarven/Dwerrow” in the name.

Clans of the Shield Holds

Shieldlands Dwerrow: Dour, Pragmatic, and fatalistic. Their entire economy is based around War and the waging of it. Their goods, especially arms and armour are second only to the Aes Sidhe in quality. All dwerrow learn the motto of their people: AghDah, AghDol, AghBarak!; or “to find”, “to make”, and “to fight”. Mining, smithing, and brewing are chief amongst their crafts; to find the metals required by the smiths, to arm and armour their soldiers, and to fill their soldiers bellies. As General Tulius Al Sidin once said, “I would rather have a broken, third hand Dwarf blade at my side than one hundred soliders at my back”.

Notable Clans

Ironthane – first Clan of the Shieldholds and hereditary rulers of the Shieldlands since the time of Fundin the First and the Making; Stonehammers – ‘The Longbeards", master brewers; Fireforge – master smiths; Cragaxe – reknowned for their pathfinder units; Stormbeards – known for their warriors and belligerance, ’it’s easier to kill a dragon than win an arguement with a Stormbeard!’

  • Ability Increase: +2 Str
  • Stability: Advantage on rolls to avoid being pushed or tripped so long as standing on solid ground.
  • Armor Training: Proficiency with light and medium armor.
  • Languages: Clan Dialect and Thrym
  • Recommended Languages: Other Clan Dialects, Trader Tongue

Surface Clans

The League of Ten Thousand. A grand name for a grand pursuit and a grand dream. Seen as snobbish and bougeois by their Shieldlands kin (who are looked upon as backwater and shortsighted in turn), the surface clans left their ancestral mountains and duties behind to create perhaps the greatest (or imfamous) port city in the known world, Kigkuldohr; also known as Kingsport. Built upon a series of dwarf-made islands in the Mireen Delta, it boasts over 50 kilometers of navigatable deepwater docking yards and serves as the gateway to the inner seas of the Kusite Kingdom Oasis’ and as a crossing point to the exotic Dawnsea isles of the Amarathine League. Owing to this fortuitous location and its creation and continued backing of the ’Free Compaines", the League Clans have become fabulously wealthy beyond easy measure.

Notable Clans:

Proudhelm – owners and proprieters of the Proudhelm Mercantile Houses; Oakenbrand – owners of the famed Oakenbrand Wineries and Distillers; Goldenhart – core of the famed “Golden Company”, the most famous of the Free Companies; Grimthane – Core of the famed and feared “Grim Legion”; Bitterstout – legitimate side of the Bearers of Ash Assassins (an open secret)

  • Ability Score Increase: +1 Wis, +1 Str
    *Tough as old iron: Your hit point maximum increases by 1, and it increases by 1 every time you gain a level.
  • Armor Training: Proficiency with light and medium armour.
  • Languages: Clan Dialect, Thrym
  • Recommended Languages. Other Clan Dialects, Trader Tongue

Dvergr Clans [Verr-grr]

Soot stained, scraggle haired, dark of eye and temper, Dvergr are master smiths ; surpassing even the Aes Sidhe in their crafts and magicks when it comes to items and their creation. So consumed with their creations are they that so rarely do they leave the confines of their forges, the touch of sunlight causes them discomfort and blindness. Obsession is a frequent affliction. Their dark temperment causes them to be ostrasized by their cousins. This suits them though. Leaves them to their works.

  • Ability Score Increase: +1 Str
  • Superior Darkvision: 120ft.
  • Dvergr Resilience: Advantage on saves vs illusions, charm, and paralyzation.
  • Tool Expertise: Even though they are considered the ugliest of the dwarven subraces, they are without a doubt the most accomplished artisans. When you perform an action with your chosen set of artisan´s tools your proficency bonus is doubled.
    Dvergr Magic: At 3rd level, you can cast Magic Weapon once per long rest. At 5th level, you can cast Invisibility once per long rest. You need no material components and you can’t cast either of them in direct sunlight, though sunlight has no effect once they’re cast.
    Sunlight Sensitivity: Disadvantage on attack rolls and Perception (sight) checks when you or your target is in direct sunlight.
  • Languages: Deep Speech/Thorgad and Thrym.
  • Recommended Languages. Other Clan Dialects, Trader Tongue


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