Aes Sidhe

Aes Sidhe [Aa See-the]

The Lastborn; get of the Old Gods. Created to Kill the Gods and end the War of the Old Night; to shepard the world into a new age. By blade and magick and Dragon-fire they completed their first purpose and went on to maintain their last as wardens to the world against the terrors of the the dark. Once they protected the world on the backs of the great fire serpents, no longer. Now the great serpents of old slumber deep beneath the earth and only the youngest and most hot tempered can roused by the Dragon-Singers, the last of the people to be able to speak in Dragon Tongue.

The Aes Sidhe, are spit into three distinct groups. The Äilatar, or Highborn; the Ílatar, or Wandering troupes; and the Ílluvétar, the peoples of the Lake. Further thay are broken down into smaller groups by ethics and outlook, or Courts. At their core, these Courts are based around their ruler (ie Winter Queen, Twilight Prince, Lady of the Spring, Summer Lord, etc), the seasons or natural state but more often by purview.

This purpose to protect the world has, ironically, seperated them from it. The Aes Sidhe are a part of the world and yet apart from it. Shunned by most of the other races over real or imagined slights in their racial memory, the Aes Sidhe segregate themselves into their own cities or in the case of those in the realms of the other races, seperate themselves into their own walled quarters. For example, the Wandering Troupes, a welcome sight for most on the road for their hospitality or protection in the night are alternatively seen as thieves and charlatans by the majority of races during the day.

Common Traits

  • Ability Increase: +2 to DEX, +1 CHA/WIS——— full blood +5 to all stats
  • Racial Discord: All other races aside from other Aes Sidhe begin distrustful of them.
  • Unknowing and Unknowable: Aes Sidhe find the emotions of other races confusing and keep their own under tight reign. They take a –2 penalty Insight checks, but the DCs of Insight checks attempted against them increase by 2.
  • Age: Aes Sidhe mature at the same rate as humans but, once they have reached adulthood their ageing process slows to the point that they effectively cease to age; they become for all intents and purposes immortal, and can only ever suffer death by accident or misdeed via outside forces.
  • Alignment: Aes Sidhe are given to more airry pursuits by their nature, pushing most towards lawful or neutral alignments. Aes Sidhe are as likely to be good as they are evil and tend to congregate into groups or ‘Courts’ based around shared pursuits.
  • Size: Aes Sidhe stand between 168 to 219 cm (5ft 5 inches and 7 ft) tall and weigh on average 140 to 220 pounds. Your size is Medium.
  • Speed: Your basic walking speed is 10m/30ft.
  • Darkvision: 60ft. Accustomed to twilight forests and the night sky, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light.
  • Superior Constitution: Aes Sidhe recieve advantage vs all non-magical disease.
    Aes Sidhe Warcraft: Proficiency with all bows (but not crossbows) and spears.
  • Atari Wiles: Advantage against sleep or charm effects caused by magic.
    Keepers of the Art: You have proficiency in the Lore skill and with scholar’s tools
  • Elfsleep: Only sleep for 4 hours a night
  • Natural Casters: Select a magical tradition and learn two cantrips
  • Languages: Elder Tongue/Atari, Trader Tongue, +1 language

Äilatar (High/Great People) [Aa-lah-taar]

  • Ability Increase: +1 Wis or Int
  • Warriors of the Ages: Proficiency with Longsword and Shortsword
  • Deep Magic: Learn one 1st-level spell. Spell point total increased by 2 additional points.
  • A Timeless Perspective: Extra language or proficiency of your choice
  • Languages: High Elven
  • Recommended Languages:

Ílatar (Wandering People) [Ee-lah-taar]

  • Ability Increase: +1 Cha or Con
  • Skirmishers: Proficiency with daggers and javelins
  • Superior Senses: Start with Proficiency in the Perception skill
  • A Whisper Through the Leaves: You have proficiency in the Stealth skill. You have advantage on Stealth skill checks whenever you are in a forest and can make Hide attempts even when only lightly obscured by foliage.Languages.
  • Recommended Languages:

Ílluvétar (People of the Lake) [Eh-loo-veh-taar)

  • Ability Increase: +1 Con or Wis
  • Guardians of the Sacred Grove: Proficiency with all axes and longswords,
  • Superior Senses: Start with Proficiency in the Perception skill
  • Aegis of the Lady: Advantage vs all negative magical effects
  • Recommended Languages:

Aes Sidhe

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