Amorican League of Ten Thousand

The city-state of Amorica Magni was created by, Anya Stonesdottir in the year 221 of the fourth age, and has grown from a marginal backwater to the most powerful city in the Known World. The sprawling city is a true Architectual wonder. Wide plazas and villas tower beyond the colonnaded walls separated by the aqueducts, canals and bridges that dominate the five central islands of the Amorican delta. Artisans, smiths, engineers, architects, sculptors, and musicians fill its streets. Decadent, beautiful, and cultured, Amorica Magni stands at the center of the economy of the Known World, and its huge and teeming marketplaces are open all day and night, filled with foreign merchants buying and selling in dozens of tongues. Trade is dominated by the Houses of the City, extended clans usually headed in the ancient dwerrow tradition by a Kuhl-Hjem (first holder), along with their supporters, clients, servants, slaves, and dependents. Each House holds property and interests throughout the known world: urban palaces, country villas and estates, businesses and ships.

The heights of the city are dominated by a series of great plazas, which start in the north with the sacred temple precinct and the Stone Temple; the Dwerrow are followers of their Old Religion, that of the Stone God, Hul, though all religions are welcomed and city-wide sacrifices to Hul and other gods and goddesses along with a wide variety of hero-ancestors, putting them directly at odds with the followers of the Divine King who populate the southern Adra Amaranthine. The plazas wend south past the Great Plaza of the precinct of the City with the High Court, the League houses, and the Guildhalls. The primary political body of the High Court is the League Houses, which is dominated by the three Great Houses that trace their ancestry to the first dwerrow of Trillhjems. The League Houses normally chooses who will hold the three thrones of the High Court– the Queen Regent’s Throne, traditionally held by a dwerrow woman of a Great House; the Praetor’s Throne, held by a male of a Great House; and the chair of the Prime Elect, which goes to the elected representative of the League of Ten Thousand. The highest single power in Amorica is that of the Queen Regent; the current holder of which is of the Great House of .

The Stone Table & The Arsenal

The plazas end in the southern part of the city with the Queen Regent’s Palace and the Plaza of Wonders, where the dwerrow Great Houses built the Stone Table, a great temple to War, and there installed their Council of War and founded the first legions of the Amorican war machine. The Stone Table overlooks the Arsenal, the great shipyard and ironworks of the city originally built by Anya Stonesdottir, which produces the material that outfits the city’s fleets and legions. A period of legion service is required of every full House citizen, and a legion at full strength stands at just over 3000 legionares, cycling from different active duty postings to reserve status; the generals of the League currently have 24 active legions at their disposal and 6 legions in reserve (65% of which is composed entirely of dwerrow), as well as seven major fleets of galleys, galleasses, triremes and caravels located at the Arsenal, Vesslos, Bragos, Taros, Dragonhead, and the Lighthouse, with others beyond the borders of Aeryn to facilitate the transportation of the legions. The Sea Houses of the League and of other coastal cities also provide corsairs; heavily armed privateers who use fast caravels and galleons for raiding and scouting and are the scourge of Caliphate and foreign sea traffic.

The Provinces & Barbarians

The legions and corsairs of Amorica protect and mind a diverse empire. The House of Princes now includes representatives of the Houses of many allied city-states – such as the Pergamon cities of the Vesslos archipelago, or cities such as Taros and Bragos founded by a differing branch of the People of Heth whom founded the lands of Cerace and Durace. Representatives of the Jarna Kingdoms of the Mughali lords, and the Nawfar of the Emirates beyond the Blasted Wastes keep embassies in Amorica Magni itself. Amorica holds the Nawfar Kingdom of Seljuk and the cities of the Argos as protectorates, with their military governors appointed by the League. Amorican legions and Tengri tribesmen currently hold the forts of the Spice Road across the arid lands of the west to their allies in the Second City, and with the Stone Treaty, now stand with the Shogun of the Jade Empire against common enemies.

Taken in part or entirety from Artesia: the known world rpg and Warhammer armybook: Estalia

Amorican League of Ten Thousand

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